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Game Calls & Locators

Game Calls & Locators

Game calls are really good to have on your hunt but there are so many different kinds to choose from. There are electronic ones and hand held ones. When you’re looking for a varmint or predator call you can choose from Primos to Buckmaster and many more. We also have the mouth ones for your hunting.

If you hunt whitetail deer or turkey we carry all types of predator and varmint calls. I have never really used electronic varmint calls but they work just as well. I prefer the hand held one which is made by Primos. I have brought whitetail deer in with this predator call before. If you like horns to rattle they really work good for bring in bucks. These varmint and predator calls work best for deer.

Flextone Thunder Cluck-N-Purr (Gen 2)Flextone Thunder Cluck-N-Purr (Gen 2)
Grunt callGrunt call
HS DOD Turkey Box Call Turkey CallHS DOD Turkey Box Call Turkey Call
HS Push Button Yelper Turkey CallHS Push Button Yelper Turkey Call
HS Super Strut Combo KitHS Super Strut Combo Kit
Mahogany Slate over slateMahogany Slate over slate
Purple Heart Slate over Glass callPurple Heart Slate over Glass call
Quaker Boy Easy Yelper Friction Turkey CallQuaker Boy Easy Yelper Friction Turkey Call
Quaker Boy Grand Old Master Calln Call TripleQuaker Boy Grand Old Master Calln Call Triple
Quaker Boy The Slider Turkey CallQuaker Boy The Slider Turkey Call
The Grind Firecracker Turkey BoxThe Grind Firecracker Turkey Box

No matter what game call or electronic call you’re looking for we have them all! We have the best prices and the highest quality available. We have the turkey mouth reeds for all you turkey hunters. I mostly hunt whitetail deer and use different deer calls. The one thing you don't want to do is use it every few minutes. Wait a bit before using your predator or varmint calls whether hand held or electronic when hunting.

Game calls can bring in whitetail deer or turkey if you use them right. No matter electronic or hand held, even a rattle bag or horns will bring in whitetail deer during rut season. When you get a deer or turkey to come in using a varmint or predator game call or electronic and it's close enough to take it. It is an awesome feeling to have.

There are all kinds of predator calls for whitetail deer and most of them work well, including electronic varmint calls. Our calls range in price but you can afford them all here at Hunting Game Supplies because we carry the best quality calls that are name brands you trust when buying your deer or turkey calls for hunting.

Most around here are hunting whitetail deer more than turkeys and most use one of the calls. I have seen more use a predator call but no matter what varmint game calls you choose they all will do the job when calling in whitetail deer or turkey when you’re hunting.

All in all you can always find electronic or predator calls for deer hunting or turkey hunting and know you have good quality products.

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